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Ladies... we will be holding our studies using Zoom

Here are step by step instructions on how to set up and use ZOOM.  We will still have a time of teaching, but ZOOM allows us to have a time of discussion as well.  This is just a temporary solution, not a permanent one.  We look forward to the time when we will be able to get together in person for fellowship and prayer.  But until then, we will meet online using ZOOM.


The Zoom App is available for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android Phone.  Here are the links to download the app.



Before each meeting… you will receive an email giving you instructions on how to join the meeting.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CREATE A ZOOM ACCOUNT TO JOIN THE MEETING.  All you need is the meeting ID number.  NOTE:  You can also join the study by calling the phone numbers listed in the email.  You will still need the meeting number ID to join the meeting.  If you would like to find the meeting ID Number… please join the Women’s Group.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE WOMEN’S MINISTRY GROUP.  Also, download the Church Center APP.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CHURCH CENTER APP.  Select Calvary Chapel San Clemente.  If you have a planning center account, use your user name and password to log in.  If not, you can create an account by following the directions.  We will be sending updates through the Women’s Ministry Group.


Ladies… we know how sensitive we can be about how we look on camera… so the choice is yours!


Selecting “internet audio” allows us to hear you so you can share during our discussion time.


Do be courteous to other attendees
Be logged into your computer ready for the meeting a few minutes before the scheduled time. Start off by introducing yourself before speaking so that all the participants know you and can proceed to address you by your name.

Do keep your body movements as minimal as possible
If you are the kind of a person who talks with plenty of body movements, then it is important to minimize them. As we all know, most people are fond of hand, head, and jerky movements, but in a video conferencing, such motions can distract your audience.

Do make the entire process fun
Being yourself during such meetings is important. Always relax and try to have fun. Engage your audience as much as possible; perhaps you break the silence with a cracking joke that makes them laugh and so on. Remember, the more jokes you interject, and the more your audience will pay attention and stay focused in what you are delivering.

Do speak seamlessly clear
Before the virtual meeting starts, it is imperative that you check the audio and other connected equipment to ensure your audience hears you clearly. When speaking, make sure it comes out natural and each word is pronounced correctly.

Don’t shout
It comes a time when your audience cannot hear you well. In this case, you should avoid yelling, and instead try adjusting the sound level of your microphone. Shouting may cause your viewers to turn down their sound volumes and perhaps to miss what you have to deliver.

Don’t interrupt others
If you want to add on something or need more clarification from the speaker, then follow the right procedure. That is, raise up your hand (ZOOM has a hand raising button) or any other rules you may have devised for such interruptions, and you will be given the opportunity to say what you wanted to put across. However, cutting down other speakers sounds rude and unprofessional.

Don’t engage in other side conversations
Just like when in a face-to-face meeting, you do not participate in side conversations. Similarly, in a video conference meeting, you should refrain from turning out of the current conversation to talk with other people outside the meeting, perhaps to send a text message or pick a phone call. Such practices jeopardize the effectiveness virtual communication.

Leave the keyboard alone
Whether you’re diligently taking notes like the model student you are or sneakily chatting with your bestie, the sound of your typing is distracting. It’s not only distracting everyone else in the meeting (because your laptop’s internal microphone is inches away from your keyboard), it’s also preventing you from devoting your full attention to the meeting. So either use a headset or pick up your notebook and pen take meeting notes.

Side note: Some research shows you actually retain more information if you take notes by hand versus typing them.
Writing your notes forces you to process and condense the information rather than typing everything you hear word for word. So really, writing your notes is better for everyone!

Dress appropriately
One of the awesome things about meeting remotely is the freedom to wear anything you want. It’s the dream. However, when you are in a virtual meeting and sharing your webcam, meeting attendees will be less than thrilled to see your lazy clothes and bed head. So take a minute to throw on a clean shirt and brush your hair. The best part of actually getting ready is that you’ll feel more focused to take on the virtual meeting.

Be aware of your surroundings
Your coworkers won’t be able to hear your ideas or take you seriously when there is a pile of dirty clothes in the corner behind you. You also want to avoid looking like you work from a cave because of bad lighting. Adjust your work set up so that you face a window or are exposed to plenty of light.
And make sure your background is professional and work appropriate. This means:

  • No messy rooms or open closets where everyone can see your clutter
  • No random passers-by or super cute pets that will be distracting
  • No NSFW artwork or tchotchkes

You should also remove any noisy distractions. While kids and pets may be adorable and you love them to pieces, meeting attendees won’t like having to talk over a screaming child or barking dog.

Mute your microphone when you’re not talking
There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing that alien echo noise from conflicting microphones. Save everyone from the ear-splitting madness by joining the meeting while on mute. If you’re anywhere that has a lot of background noise, make sure to keep your microphone muted when you’re not speaking so it gives other participants the ability to chime in and share their thoughts without distraction.

Speak up
First of all, when you enter a meeting announce yourself when you join. It’s awkward to hear the someone-just-joined ding followed by silence. When you hop on the meeting, introduce yourself and say hi — just make sure not to interrupt someone mid-sentence. Secondly, don’t be afraid to speak loudly during a virtual meeting. Your team will appreciate being able to hear you without having to strain their ears.

No food allowed
Make sure to eat a snack before your virtual meeting. No one wants to see you stuff your face with chips while discussing important business matters. It’s distracting and you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand because you have to worry about dropping crumbs all over your keyboard.

Stay seated and stay present
It may be tempting to check your inbox or carry on a side conversation during a dull moment in a meeting, but don’t do it! You might miss out on key information or an opportunity to give input. If you’re using your webcam, use attentive body language — sit up straight, don’t make big extraneous movements, and don’t let your eyes wander too much.