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September Update – Amanda Balmaseda

Life in the city has been amazing. I believe I have adjusted well to the many changes in my life, most of which involve having to cook for myself (surprisingly, I’ve never really had to do before). I’ve burnt myself at least once a week and I always seem to find myself at a grocery store.

My daily life consists of working in the office downtown, attending lunch with the students at the school (the Golgota church (translated to Golgotha or Calvary from Hungarian) hosts the school), more work at the office and then resting at home. Occasionally throughout the week, but more so on the weekends, I am able to hang out with the students at coffee shops, new restaurants, or our house for movie nights.

Refreshing and Refining

Since living in the city, my time with the Lord has been quite different. Instead of doing my morning devotions in the wilderness with my cup of coffee, now I sit at my kitchen table with my cup of coffee. The time I spend with him is just as sweet, even if I’m not surrounded by His creation.

On occasion, I take a trip to the zoo by myself (one of my favorite places to go no matter where I am in the world) and I’ve taken that opportunity to have a date with Jesus.

I use the time to talk to him about the things on my heart or what ever might be burdening my mind. I never thought that going to a zoo could bring me peace as I continue to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus.

My prayer life has increased as well. Now that I have to take a 20-30 minute bus ride into downtown, I find myself using that time to intercede for specific people who have told me certain things to be praying for them, or whoever the Lord places on my heart.


Now that we live in a major city, there are opportunities galore to reach out to others. A couple of weeks ago, the whole school was involved with Street Evangelism in one of the most visited areas of the city. The night went well and we got to minister alongside an awesome band from the States, The New Divide (pictured left).

This upcoming weekend (October 6th-8th) I will be on an Outreach in Kaposvar, one of my favorite places to do ministry. We will be sharing testimonies, leading worship, and fellowshipping with the pastor and his family who have faithfully been serving the Lord for so many years.


I have realized that life in the city means I need to be more intentional with forming and building relationships. I have never really been the one to make the first step in hanging out with people, always waiting for someone to ask me. I realized how foolish that is and God has given me the boldness to ask others to make plans with me. God has blessed me with wonderful times of exploring new places, trying new “Mexican” restaurants, and even allowing deep conversations to flow from a level of comfort and trust.

Prayer Requests:

  • Kaposvar Outreach (October 6th-8th): for the team to be a blessing to the Church there, for God to grow us while we serve others
  • 10-day Outreach (October 27th-November 5th): the teams will be finalized later this week. Over 7 different teams will travel throughout Europe, ministering to others through practical work, evangelism, and English classes. I hope to go on one, although I am not sure where I will end up
  • As I begin helping in the Baby Ministry at the Golgota church in Budapest twice a month, pray this will help me plug into the Church body as I get to know the babies and their parents.
  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment in my conversations with the students, as some open up about what’s really going on in their hearts
  • Please pray about supporting me financially on a monthly basis as my cost of living is much higher here in Budapest and now have more expenses to worry about