Calvary Chapel San Clemente School Of Ministry

The School of Ministry is a 2 year independent study / lecture based training program. Students will gain an overview of theology, old and new testament, expositional teaching, leadership development, spirit led counseling and pastoral ministry. The goal is to give students a basic foundation from which to launch into full time ministry.  Our style of training is highly interactive to help students not only gain book knowledge but practical application for personal life and ministry service.

Here’s a class taught by Pastor Holland at Azusa Pacific University…


Since the goal is to prepare future pastoral leaders, all students must be actively serving in ministry. Each class is stand alone and covers one subject per month. We measure faithfulness, so a student must meet 70% of all required work in order to pass a class. Once the requirements are met, a class certificate will be awarded. In order to graduate with a 2 year completion certificate from the School of Ministry, students must show proof that they have completed the entire curriculum with a 70% grade point average. Classes are offered every 2 years. Due to the accelerated format of the School Of Ministry students are required to:

1. Complete first weeks assignment prior to coming to the first class

2. Acquire all books, workbooks, study guides or media prior to coming to the first class

3. Complete 70% of all assignments

4. Complete the Ministry Service Report each month

5. Make up and completion of assignments are allowed on any class. Once 70% of previous assignments are complete a certificate for the class will be awarded. Students have 30 days after the completion of their 2 year program to make up missing work. After that they will be required to take the class again when it is offered.

6. The 2nd Year students are required to be serve in a weekly teaching capacity. This means starting a small group, Bible Study or serving in a teaching rotation for men’s or women’s ministry or leading their own ministry at Calvary Chapel San Clemente.

7. Grading is based on 40% attendance, 40% completion of assignments, 20% ministry involvement

8. We highly recommend students to purchase Logos Bible Software

A Note from Pastor Holland…

Ministry is about faithfulness.  It’s about showing up prepared to be used by God.  The School of Ministry is a microcosm of what it will be like in real ministry life.  The kind of minister you will become will show in the way you approach the school of ministry and the assigned tasks.  If you just do what you have to do to get by, you’ll be the kind of minister who just gives the sheep the least amount you’re required to give.  If you lay down your life for this period of preparation, it’s an indicator that you will be the kind of minister who lays down their life for the sheep.  The person who is able to be a wise steward with their time, energy and resources for School of Ministry, will most likely be a wise steward of the resources that God entrusts to them.  My encouragement to you is to look at this 2 year journey as a time for you to get the maximum amount of training you can get from the instructors and from the Lord.  Don’t see what you can get away with, seek what you can get out of it.  Be faithful with all the assignments.  Prioritize your time and watch God work in your life to prepare you for a lifetime of serving Jesus as a minister of the gospel of GRACE.





We will prayerfully consider your application to the School Of Ministry at Calvary Chapel San Clemente.  All students must be approved to participate.  We select students solely based on the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Once you are approved you will be notified via email.  We will not contact students who are not accepted into the School Of Ministry Program.  If you have any questions, you can email us at

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