This Simple Weekly Prayer Schedule is simply a suggestion to guide your prayers throughout the week.  We encourage you to be led by the Spirit as you pray each day.


Pray For SALVATION.  Pray for friends, co-workers, neighbors or loved ones who don’t know Jesus.  Pray for the Spirit of Darkness to be bound and for the revelation of God to be released.


Pray for MISSIONS.  Pray for Missionaries, Local Missions and Global Missions.

MISSIONARIES:  Tom & Luciana Stowe, Steve & Ginny Maddox  

GLOBAL MISSIONS:  Worship Life Radio, Worship Life Television

LOCAL MISSIONS:  Love San Clemente, Light At The Outlets, Drive Through Food Distribution, Surf Ministry, EasterTogether, 


Pray for HEALING.  Pray for those who need healing.  Keep in the mind the most profound healing a person can experience is the spiritual healing that occurs at salvation.  Pray for first responders who are on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.


Pray for MARRIAGE and FAMILY.  Pray for strong marriages.  Pray for strong families.  Pray for parents to raise their kids in the ways of the LORD.  Pray for parents to parent in a way the encourages faith.  Pray for Schools and Godly Teachers.


Pray for GOVERNMENT.  Pray for those in positions of leadership in San Clemente, Orange County, The State of California, The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch.


Pray for CALVARY CHAPEL SAN CLEMENTE.  Pray for the Senior Pastor and family.  Pray for the Assisting Pastors and their families.  Pray for the Board and their families.  Pray for Ministry Leaders and their families.  Pray for all who serve at Calvary Chapel and their families.

Senior Pastor:  Holland Davis / Roxie Davis

Assisting Pastors:  Brandon Phillips / Patricia Phillips; Matthew Levchak / Kaitlyn Levchak; Roger Charles / Cynthia Garrett-Charles; Steve Pascoe / Philline Pascoe; Tom Stowe / Luciana Stowe, Steve Maddox / Ginny Maddox

Board:  Holland Davis, Jimmy Orate, Patrick Godknecht, Steve Combs, Tony Logan


Pray for REVIVAL and AWAKENING.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken hearts to the gospel and to revive the Church worldwide.  Pray for Pastors to fall in love with Jesus and to teach His Word expositionally, verse by verse.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on our nation and for people to have supernatural encounters with Jesus.