INSTRUCTION TO PARENTS:  Read through the appropriate lesson with your child. We are praying for your families.

Weekly Lesson # 5 // Preschool

God the Magnificent Creator

This week, preschool age kids are learning about how God created the world and how he did so in such a loving and beautiful way. The children will learn about how many days it took for God to make the plants, the animals, the oceans and people like you and me.  (Scripture used: Genesis 1:1-3.) 

Basic Truth:

God magnificently created the world we live in.

Memory Verse:  Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1

Practice this verse with your child.  This will help your child to remember the verse. 

Topics: Creation, Majesty, Power of God

Fun Activity: 

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Let your child point out things in nature that he or she remembers hearing about in the lesson. Explain that God made everything in nature, and He made it for us to enjoy!

Lesson Introduction:

Today, we are going to start from the very beginning; the beginning of creation. The first book of the Bible is called Genesis. However, it is commonly known as the Book of Beginnings. Let’s read the story of God’s creation together. 

Bible Story:  ”God the Magnificent Creator” Genesis 1:1-23

(Parents read from a children’s Bible)

Genesis 1:1-23

*Parents: Ask Who, What, When, Where,Why questions.

1. What was our story about today?  (God creating the heavens and the earth.)

2. Who made day and night?  (God)

3.    Who made the sky and water?  (God)

4.    Who made the animals?  (God)

5.    Who made us?  (God)


The beauty of Gods creation is all around us. We need to pray and thank God for creating such a beautiful world for us to live in. Thank God for all the plants He created that produce fruits and vegetables.

Thank God for His LOVE!


The Birth of John the Baptist

This week we will learn the miracles and events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and his mission to prepare the way for Jesus. This lesson also helps us understand that even before we were born, God gave us a purpose in life. 

(Scripture used: Luke 1:11-25, 57-66)

Basic Truth:

God gives each of us a purpose in life.

Memory Verse:  Luke 1:76

“You, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for Him.” Luke 1:76

Topics: Fruitfulness, Blessings, Thankfulness 

Lesson Introduction: Ask how, what and why questions.

God gave John the Baptist a very important purpose in his life. We will see how God was involved in his birth. Our story starts with Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were married and obeyed all of the Lord’s commands. They had no children. In fact, Elizabeth was way past the age for having children. However, with God, nothing is impossible. One day, while Zechariah was serving in the temple, he had a special visitor. God’s miraculous power’s were about to take place. 

Parents: Talk about the memory verse.

1.  What phrase did Zechariah use to describe John?

2.  What will John the Baptist need to do? (What was his purpose?)

Bible Story: Read Luke 1:11-25

Discussion Questions Part 1:

1.     What name did the angel tell Zechariah to give his child?     (John)

2.    Why do you think many rejoiced because of his birth?     (He paved the way for Jesus.)

3.    What was the name of the angel that spoke to Zechariah?     (Gabriel)

4.    When was John filled with the Holy Spirit?     (From birth)

5.    Why did the angel cause Zechariah to become mute?   (Zechariah did not believe what Gabriel told him about having a son.)

Bible Story: Read Luke 1:57-66

Discussion Questions Part 2:

1.      What name did Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives want to give the baby?    (Zechariah, after his father)

2.     Who insisted that the baby’s name would be John?    (Elizabeth, the baby’s mother)

3.     Everyone was shocked that Elizabeth would name him John, so they asked the father. What did Zechariah do?    (He wrote the name “John” on a tablet.)

4.     What happened immediately after Zechariah confirmed that the baby’s name would be John?    (He could speak again.)


God had a purpose for John in his life. John’s purpose was to introduce Jesus as the Messiah. Pray for God to help you fulfill the purpose He gives you in your life and teach you how to be a messenger for Him.

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