LESSON TITLE: Teach Me About God

INSTRUCTION TO PARENTS:  Read through the appropriate lesson with your child. We are praying for your families.

LESSON TITLE: Teach Me About God

TOPICS: Believing, Choices, Church, Commandments, Godliness

BASIC TRUTH: The sooner we learn to follow God and keep His rules, the better our lives will be.

MEMORY VERSE: “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart.” Proverbs 3:1 NIV


*Parents: Ask your child to recite the verse several times with you. Make it fun, and insert the name of your child in place of “My son.” Also, have your child only say the last part of the verse.

For example:

Parent: “Child’s name, do not forget my teaching,”

Child: “but keep my commands in your heart.”


*Complete the “Healthy Choices” activity attached to this lesson. This is an activity to help your child think about making healthy choices. Finish the activity by explaining that God wants us to make healthy choices because we are very special to Him.


Of all the things we can learn about, learning about God is the most important! The sooner we learn to follow God and keep His rules, the better our lives will be. Let’s find out what the Bible says about keeping God’s rules, which are also called commands. Please read Proverbs 3:1-5.


  1. Where should we keep God’s commands? (In our hearts.)
    2. Why should we learn and keep God’s commandments? (Our life will be longer & we will have a better life.)
    3. Where can we learn about God and how to keep God’s commandments? (We can learn about God by going to church. We can learn about God by reading the Bible. Our families can help us learn about God.)
    4. God instructs us never to let love or faithfulness leave us. What is faith? (Believing that God is real and trusting Him to know what is best for our lives. We can believe that God will keep all of His promises.)
    5. Whose understanding about things is better, God’s or man’s? (God’s.)
    6. Where can we learn more about God’s promises? (We can pray to God and ask Him to teach us His ways. We can read about God’s promises in the Bible. We can learn God’s promises in Sunday school. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa can also help us learn about God and all of His wonderful promises.)


Your child will know that he or she could learn about God by reading the Bible, praying, going to church, and attending Sunday school.


Take time to read the Bible with your child on a regular basis. Share some of your favorite Bible passages and explain why they are important to you. Help your child understand that God’s Word is just as powerful and helpful today as it was thousands of years ago.



INSTRUCTION TO PARENTS:  Read through the appropriate lesson with your child. We are praying for your families.




Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love, Obedience


“If you love me, keep my commands.” John 14:15 NIV


The commands that Jesus asks us to obey make sense. Unfortunately, the devil will do his best to make us do the wrong thing anyway. He tempts us with all sorts of things. Fortunately, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to live in us, to teach us and guide us to do what is right. In our Bible story today, we find Jesus talking to his disciples about the Holy Spirit.

Before reading the scripture, look up the word Counselor in a Bible dictionary, or refer to the following definition:
Counselor: An adviser in any matter. The Holy Spirit is the presence of the Father within
us, and therefore our Comforter who not only consoles but also strengthens, helps, and
counsels, with such authority as a highly trained legal advisor has for his client.

Read John 14:15-21; 23-27

Discussion Questions:
1. If we love Jesus, what will we do? (Obey His commands.)
2. Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit a special way. What name does He give the Holy Spirit? (Counselor.)
3. In verse 21, How does Jesus show Himself to us when we obey His commands? (He shows Himself not by sight, but by the life He lives in us through the Holy Spirit.)
4. What will the Holy Spirit do in our lives? (Teach us all things and remind us of everything Jesus said.)
5. Is the peace that Jesus leaves with us different from what the world gives? (Yes) How so? (Allow for discussion.)


So how can we obey Jesus? First of all, by doing what He teaches us through His Words in the Bible. But Jesus asked the Father to give us someone very special to help us obey. The Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, the devil would easily get us to do bad things, lie, steal, cheat, corrupt our minds. But the Holy Spirit actually shows us these things are wrong. He doesn’t hit us over the head with a hammer, no, but He does give us a bad feeling when we do something bad. He also gives us a good feeling when we do what is right, even when it doesn’t make sense to us at the time. Jesus calls this good feeling love.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through many ways. Prayer is a great way to prepare your heart to hear the Holy Spirit speak. He also speaks to us when we read the Bible, or when we listen to someone used by God to speak the truth, such as our pastor. Sometimes we hear the Holy Spirit speak to us through things that happen in our life. However, we must be careful not to confuse what we think is the Holy Spirit talking when it really is not.
The best way to know for sure is to compare what we think we hear to what the Bible says. The Holy Spirit always agrees with God’s Word.