Calvary Chapel San Clemente is a venture in faith….

Calvary Chapel San Clemente began as a small Bible study of six people in the fall of 2008 while Pastor Holland was on staff at the now defunct Ocean Hills Church. Over the period of a year and a half the group quickly grew from 8 to over 40. It was at this time that God began to fulfill several prophetic words that had been spoken over Pastor Holland and Roxie when they were first married in their early twenties. More recent prophetic words about God birthing a new work through Pastor Holland and Roxie, along with the departure of Ocean Hills leadership from Calvary Chapel Distinctives confirmed that God was indeed prompting them to leave Ocean Hills. In November 2009 they made the decision to step out in a new venture of faith called Calvary Chapel San Clemente.

First Sunday at Vista Del Mar School… February 14, 2010

In December of 2009, Pastor Holland met with Pastor Chuck Smith

After sharing his heart with Pastor Chuck, he asked permission to begin a Calvary Chapel work in San Clemente. Pastor Chuck smiled and responded, “Of course, what else would you be?”  After discussing where the other Calvary Chapel churches were located in South Orange County, Pastor Chuck gave his blessing, prayed for Pastor Holland and Roxie and said… Go For It. With that encouragement, Calvary Chapel San Clemente began holding Sunday night prayer meetings in December of 2009 and Wednesday evening Bible Studies in January of 2010. Through the Sunday night prayer meetings the decision was made to launch Valentine’s Day 2010.  On our first Sunday we had over 230 friends celebrate the launching of a new venture of faith in San Clemente.

No one said it couldn’t be done…

From our inception, God has miraculously provided for Calvary Chapel San Clemente. When the date was set for Valentine’s Day 2010, no one said you couldn’t plant a church in less than 60 days. We didn’t know it was an impossibility. But I guess that’s what makes our story so powerful. God gets all the glory! We are naive enough to take God as His Word and step out in faith.

God is building His Story at Calvary Chapel San Clemente…

Within two weeks, Calvary Chapel San Clemente was approved to meet at Vista Del Mar School… over Christmas vacation. One week before the launch date, God provided a 24 foot trailer complete with rolling racks and children’s ministry equipment through Crossline Church and 30 much needed chairs for children’s ministry through Heritage Christian Fellowship. God also provided a complete sound system large enough to handle a small stadium through Thousand Oaks Calvary Chapel. This sound system was used at the multi-church supported Easter Together Event that gathered 3500 people from over 6 churches. Our first Sunday was over 200 in attendance. We now have a vibrant community of faith, hope and love in the middle of San Clemente.  On July 2017, Calvary Chapel San Clemente signed a lease on a building making it the first time in the history of San Clemente that Calvary Chapel has had a church building in the city. It has been clear from the very beginning that God is building His Church at Calvary Chapel San Clemente. In the words of Pastor Chuck Smith, I often feel like a spectator watching God work. From the very beginning, we’ve wanted to see God do something that only He would get the glory for. It’s my prayer that I will always remain in a place of awe as I watch God do amazing things before our eyes. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Original Bible Study at the home of Chris & Careen Lewis

Calvary Chapel San Clemente is part of a bigger story…

The Calvary Chapel movement was birthed during the turbulent times of the late sixties and early seventies. The time was ripe for revival and God chose a small church in Costa Mesa called Calvary Chapel pastored by a Chuck Smith to move through. The rest is history. You can read the story about the Jesus Movement HERE. Calvary Chapel San Clemente is affiliated with the Calvary Chapel Association of churches.

Pastor Holland on Live with Ryan Ries from the Whosoevers

We are blessed to be Calvary Chapel of San Clemente… the story behind our name change…

Our name has gone through an evolution.  When we planted Calvary Chapel San Clemente, no Calvary Chapel had been in existence in San Clemente for over 7 years.  When Pastor Holland applied for the 501 C-3, we discovered a Calvary Chapel had been in existence but had closed down and the previous pastor still retained the name for unknown reasons.  Pastor Holland invited the pastor to join with us in establishing Calvary Chapel San Clemente and the pastor declined.  At the time he was involved in another local church (not a Calvary Chapel) and expressed no desire to pastor a Calvary Chapel church.  We launched as Worship Life Calvary Chapel with the dba Worship Life Calvary Chapel San Clemente.  After 3 years, we felt it was time for us to revisit our original intent to be Calvary Chapel San Clemente.  We were faithfully ministering as the Calvary Chapel in San Clemente and felt that is was important to be identified with the community God called us to minister to and the movement we were part of.  After counseling with Pastor David Rosales and others from the Calvary Chapel Association, we applied for the dba Calvary Chapel San Clemente and after being awarded the dba we changed our name from Worship Life Calvary Chapel to Calvary Chapel San Clemente.  Pastor Holland also spoke to the pastor, who was working with a missions group at the time, and the pastor gave verbal permission to Pastor Holland to use the name Calvary Chapel San Clemente. Today we are blessed to be Calvary Chapel San Clemente.