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A leader is anyone who takes on an area of responsibility. It can be as big as leading a ministry or as small as organizing a task such as decorating for an event or organizing ushers. We ask that all volunteer leaders meet the following criteria:

1. They make Calvary Chapel San Clemente their home church
2. They attend Sunday mornings AND are involved in one of our midweek studies
3.  They attend the 2nd Sunday meeting from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
4. They financially support Calvary Chapel San Clemente
5. They agree with and abide by our statement of faith
6. They agree with the Calvary Chapel Distinctives
7. They support the leadership of Calvary Chapel San Clemente through prayer

We believe that leaders minister through the ministry of presence. This means you need to be present to lead. That is why we want leaders to attend services. There are a lot of “hallway” conversations that happen when we’re together. Communication is key to effective leadership. We also believe love is the mark of every leader. Therefore, we look for leaders to display the fruit of the Spirit (which is love) by embracing everyone who comes to church (not just a particular group) and to practically love by supporting the church financially. Because we walk in love, we also walk in agreement. Leadership is a joy and a privilege, not a right. Leaders serve to support the vision of the Senior Pastor. That doesn’t mean the Senior Pastor is the only source of vision, but the Senior Pastor has the overall plan from God for the local church. We ask our leaders to be Spirit-led. If our leaders are Spirit led, there is no division because the Spirit is not divisive. If our leaders are Spirit led, they won’t do things in secret or keep things hidden because the Spirit operates in the light.


Calvary Chapel San Clemente is excited to provide opportunities for young adults through our Internship Program. This program is designed for college or university students nearing completion of their degree, or who have recently graduated. If you are interested in gaining ministry experience in a mobile church environment, this is the program for you! CCSC is dedicated to mentoring talented and driven college students, while providing them with the experience needed to enter today’s competitive work force.

This program is designed to help interns put to use the skills they have learned in the classroom. Interns will be fully immersed in ministry, and will have the opportunity to receive both practical and professional hands-on training. They will acquire specific skills and refine their talents, while receiving mentorship from an experienced staff member.

We offer flexible scheduling, school credit according to your college or university standards, professional experience in a non-profit work environment, and the chance to work behind-the-scenes on major projects within the ministry. Upon completion of the program, interns will receive valuable details to list on their resumés, as well as personal letter of recommendation for future employers.

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