INSTRUCTION TO PARENTS:  Read through the appropriate lesson with your child. We are praying for your families.

Lesson Preschool: Tower of Babel April 26, 2020

Title: Tower of Babel


Topic : Disobedience, following God


Bible Verse: “Keep my commands and follow them. I am the Lord.” Leviticus 22:31,  please recite with your child.


Basic Truth:  God wants the best for us so it is important to follow His commandments.


Activities: coloring pages

Introduction to bible study:  Do any of you know, that at one point of time, everyone on the earth spoke the same language? It was many years after the big flood and people began to populate the earth. In our story today we will see that the people decided to do what they wanted and did not listen and follow what God wanted them to do.


Read Genesis 11:1-10  {please read in children’s bible)


Discussion Questions:

1.     How many languages did the whole world have?

2.     What did the people do when they settled in one place?

3.     Did they build the tower to honor God or themselves?

4.     Were they obeying God?

5.     What did God do?


Closing Activity ; Build with your child a block Tower of Babel

Have fun and God bless.



Shortly after Saul’s conversion, he was busy preaching the Good News that Jesus is the son of God. However, his life was far from being perfect. He was now in more danger than ever, as the Jews plotted to kill him as a traitor. In this lesson, the children learn that not only can God change a person’s life, but He is also always there to lead the way to keep us safe.


MEMORY WORK (12 minutes)

“But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3 NKJV



After Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he was blind for three days. But then he met a man named Ananias, who helped him regain his sight. Immediately after that Paul believed and was baptized. Before he was an enemy of those who followed Jesus, but now he knew the truth. He was a follower too, and he had to tell others about this wonderful news. In this next account of Paul’s ministry, he is still in Damascus. He belongs to Jesus now, but his life is no bed of roses. In fact, it is far, far from perfect.


Read Acts 9:19-31


Discussion Questions (and answers):
1. What was the next thing Paul did after being baptized, and regaining his strength in Damascus? (He began to tell the people that Jesus is the Son of God.)
2. In verse 22, we read that Paul (Saul) became more and more powerful. What do you think this means? (His witness became more effective. Greater numbers of people heard what he was saying and believed.)
3. Why do you think some of the Jews wanted to kill Paul when they heard him preaching the Good News about Jesus? (They saw Paul as a traitor. Instead of helping them like he did before his conversion, now he was working against them. For this reason they also had a hard time believing that what Paul said was true.)
4. What plan did God provide to help Paul leave the city? (His friends lowered him in a basket through an opening in the city wall.)
5. After Paul reached Jerusalem, were his fears over? Why or why not? (No, because some of the Grecian Jews in Jerusalem also tried to kill him.)
6. Although Paul faced fear and death in Jerusalem, how did he speak to the people in verse 28? (Boldly.)
7. We can be afraid of many things. How can we overcome fear with God’s love and power? (Allow for answers.)
8. What does this story tell you about witnessing. (We should do it, we should speak boldly, some will believe, some will not, some who do not may even become angry.)


APPLICATION (4 minutes)

Paul (Saul) was not afraid to share the truth about Jesus to everyone he met. Paul now knew without doubt that Jesus is alive, and He can change our life, just like He did for him. Paul was once going down the wrong path, but along the way he met Jesus, and learned the truth. He felt the need to tell others this amazing story. Do we have the passion and desire to share Jesus with others?

Sometimes this passion got Paul into trouble. Not everyone was ready to hear the truth, especially those who thought he was either lying, or that he betrayed them. Many times these non-believers tried to kill Paul. His life was constantly in danger. But this lesson also teaches us how God is also there to help us escape harm. When our desire is to serve God and share the Good News about Jesus to others, then God helps us know where to go and what to do. Are you living by your own sight, or are you letting God show you the way?


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