Memory Verse:  Practice this verse with your child.

“Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them.’”  Luke 23:34a


Lesson Introduction:

Our story starts when Jesus is speaking to His disciples late into the evening. Surprisingly, another one of His disciples, named Judas, came up, and kissed Jesus on the cheek. Immediately the chief priests and teachers of the law came and arrested Jesus. They were certain Jesus meant trouble. They believed Jesus was telling lies about God.

Parent note: It is important for children to know that Jesus died for them. Be sure your child understands that Jesus willingly died on the cross because He loved us so much. Jesus did nothing wrong to deserve death. Jesus died in our place so we can have everlasting life with Him.

Bible Story: Jesus and the Cross Story

The chief priests and teachers of the law believed Jesus was a criminal and needed to be punished. So, early Friday morning they took Him to Pilate, who was the governor at the time. Pilate came out from his palace and asked the people, “What did this man do wrong?”

The people replied, “He doesn’t pay takes to Caesar! He stirs up trouble with all His teachings. He even claims to be the Christ.”

Pilate looked at Jesus and asked, “Is it true what the people are saying? Are you the King of the Jews?”

“My kingdom is not of this world, but yes, I am a king,” Jesus answered.

Pilate thought about that for awhile. Then, he turned to look at the crowd and said, “I don’t find this man to be a criminal. He has done nothing wrong!”

But the people insisted. “He is a criminal. He must be punished by death!”

Later that morning, Pilate called all the people together again and said, “I have studied the situation well. I still find that Jesus has done nothing wrong. Nevertheless, I will punish Him for you, and then let Him go.”

Upon hearing this, the people demanded that Pilate release another prisoner instead. “Release Barabbas!” They said.

“Then what should I do with Jesus?” Pilate asked.

The people all shouted, “Crucify Him!” Louder and louder they yelled.

Finally, Pilate took Jesus into the palace. He didn’t want Jesus to be put to death. He didn’t believe Jesus did anything wrong. However, he also didn’t want to make things worse by disagreeing with so many people. He could still hear the people shouting, “Crucify Him!” Pilate had his soldiers beat Jesus with whips. They made a crown of thorns and put it on His head.

Then, the soldiers led Jesus to a place called Golgotha. A large crowd followed, many weeping for Jesus. The soldiers made Him carry a heavy wooden cross. Jesus grew tired and weak. The cross was so heavy He fell to the ground.

The soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross and crucified Him along with two other criminals.

Jesus looked up and said “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

The soldiers made fun of Jesus saying, “If He is the Christ, let Him save Himself!” But Jesus didn’t come to save Himself. He came to save us.

The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

Jesus didn’t do anything wrong. He died on the cross for us. We should ask Jesus to forgive us when we do something wrong, and He will.

* Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did the crowd want to punish Jesus?

      (They thought He was a criminal, but that was not true.)

  1. Did Pilate think Jesus was a criminal and needed to be punished?

    (No, he could not find that Jesus did anything wrong.)

  1. What did the crowd shout repeatedly when Pilate tried to release Jesus?

    (Crucify Him!)

  1. When the soldiers led Jesus to Golgotha, what did they make Him carry?

      (A cross)

  1. How do we know that Jesus was not upset at the people for what they did?

      (He said, “Father forgiven them for they know not what they do.”)

6.  For whom did Jesus die on the cross?

     (Everyone who asks for His forgiveness.)


APPLICATION (2 minutes)


Jesus loves us so much He died on the cross to forgive our sins. Thank God for allowing Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Because of what Jesus did, we can ask for forgiveness for our own wrongdoings and not be separated from God. Share His love with your friends.

Parent/Child discussion:

Talk with your child about the time Jesus died on the cross for all of us. Discuss why God would send His son to die on a cross, and why Jesus had to give up his life because of our sins. Talk about sin in your child’s life; make sure he understands the meaning of forgiveness.





Memory Verse:  Practice this verse with your child.

“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Matthew 21:9b


Lesson Introduction: 

Have you ever been in a place where someone famous was going to perform, perhaps a concert or a ball game? What did you do when the famous person finally arrived? 

Every year the Jewish people celebrate Passover to remember the time God protected them from death during the tenth plague on Egypt. After that plague, the Pharaoh of Egypt freed all the Israelites from slavery. One year, as the people came to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast, they heard that their special King was also coming, so they all went out to the road to praise Him. How do you think they reacted when their King arrived? 


Read Matthew 21:1-11


Discussion Questions:

  1. What did Jesus say his disciples would find in the village?

    (A Donkey and her colt)

  1. How did the disciples prepare the donkey for Jesus?

    (They laid their clothes on them.)

  1. What did the crowds spread on the road before Jesus?

    (Some laid their clothes, others branches.)

  1. What did the people shout?

    (Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

  1. Why did they shout this?

    (Because they were full of joy)

  1. Why do you think Jesus was riding on a donkey? Why not a horse?

    (To show humility)


APPLICATION (2 minutes)


Jesus performed many miracles. The news about how He healed many, and His remarkable teachings spread quickly. The people believed Jesus was the Christ, the one who would rise to power and free the people from the hardships placed on them by the Romans. So they shouted praises of joy when they saw Him. Little did they know the reason Jesus came to earth was to free the people not from the Romans, but from their sins. Jesus offered the gift of everlasting life.


That gift is for everyone who hears the Word of God and welcomes Jesus into their hearts. Now that calls for shouts of praise. 

Hosanna! Save us Now!


Parent/Child Activity:

To celebrate Easter this year do something a little different with coloring eggs. Before dipping eggs into the colored dye, use a crayon to write short messages on the eggs. The messages should be reasons to praise our Lord Jesus.

Examples: Jesus Loves Me!     Jesus is the Son of God


1. What phrase did Zechariah use to describe John?

2. What will John the Baptist need to do? (What was his purpose?)

Bible Story: Read Luke 1:11-25 The Birth of John the Baptist


Discussion Questions: Part 1

  1. What name did the angel tell Zechariah to give his child?


  1. Why do you think many rejoiced because of his birth?

    (He paved the way for Jesus.)

  1. What was the name of the angel that spoke to Zechariah?


  1. When was John filled with the Holy Spirit?

    (From birth)

  1. Why did the angel cause Zechariah to become mute?

   (Zechariah did not believe what Gabriel told him about having a son.)



Bible Story: Read Luke 1:57-66 The Birth of John the Baptist


Discussion Questions: Part 2

  1. What name did Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives want to give the baby?

    (Zechariah, after his father)

  1. Who insisted that the baby’s name would be John?

    (Elizabeth, the baby’s mother)

  1. Everyone was shocked that Elizabeth would name him John, so they asked the father. What did Zechariah do?

    (He wrote the name “John” on a tablet.)

  1. What happened immediately after Zechariah confirmed that the baby’s name would be John?

    (He could speak again.)



God had a purpose for John in his life. John’s purpose was to introduce Jesus as the Messiah. Pray for God to help you fulfill the purpose He gives you in your life and teach you how to be a messenger for Him.