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Become part of our growing online congregation.  Calvary Chapel San Clemente broadcasts LIVE 10 am Sunday mornings and 7 pm Thursday evenings.  We REBROADCAST our Sunday morning service 7 pm Sunday evenings. On Thursday evenings we go verse by verse through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  On Sunday mornings we do a series based on the current book we are studying in our midweek study.  This way the entire church goes through the Bible together.

Worship Life Radio

Worship Life Radio is the broadcast ministry of Calvary Chapel San Clemente. Our vision for Worship Life Radio is to create a fast paced, multi-dimensional program that combines compelling interviews, the best in modern worship and a message from God’s Word. All of Pastor Holland’s current programs are available for listening. For more information on worship life radio visit

Watch Current Messages

All our messages are available online with message notes. We provide this so that you can continue your studies through the Word of God. This FREE resource is great for personal and group Bible Study.

Life In HD Blog

Life in HD is Pastor Holland’s blog. Be inspired in your leadership life, spiritual life, devotional life, work life and home life.